See Enterprise as a System of Systems (SoS) for concepts and principles.

See the Management System Architecture Framework Definition

Viewpoint Overview

The following picture shows the primary viewpoints of the Architecture Framework.

The following viewpoints have been identified for the Management System Architecture Framework..


Planning, Teams, Performance Evaluation

Team Capability, People, Process, Information, Technology Items

Management System Continuity, Change

External Standards

Each of the viewpoints describes the way information (Concepts / Principles) is derived from the following sources:

Link to Current AF Viewpoints PDF

Link to Current AF Model Kinds PDF

Link to EaaSoS Website Structure PDF for the Enterprise as a System of Systems (SoS).

Each of the viewpoints contains the following information:


Description of the viewpoint.


Why is the viewpoint necessary?

Stakeholders and their Concerns

Who are the stakeholders that have the concerns.

Stakeholders, ...


Stakeholders, ...


Principles, Concepts and Capabilities





what are the models that support this viewpoint and address the concerns identified for this view.

Steps to Create the View

  • How are the items in this viewpoint created, analysed, and identified?


Common Correspondences

  • All viewpoints are based upon the Team Model.
  • Each Viewpoint describes the relationship to the top level capabilities
  • Each viewpoint provides the guidance for constructing a view based upon the stakeholders concerns
  • Each corresponding view represents a view of the entire Management System.
  • Where possible, these corresponding views relate to the capabilities identified in the Capability Viewpoint.

How do things in this viewpoint relate to other items in other viewpoints (and their corresponding view).


Link to some example viewpoints.. or architecture descriptions that have used a specific type of viewpoint.


State any references or people that have helped to define this viewpoint.


Provide notes and background information to track any changes or other information.


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